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Project - Port Alfred Waste Water Treatment Works

Descriptionof the Works

The Town of Port Alfred falls within the Ndlambe Local Municipality (NLM) and is located midway between East London and Port Elizabeth along the R72 at the Kowie River mouth. The town is a popular holiday destination and is subject to a significant influx of holiday makers during peak season periods.

The NLM operates from Port Alfred and its area of jurisdiction includes settlements such as Port Alfred, Bathurst, Kenton on Sea, Boknes, Cannon Rocks and Alexandria. The current population for the total municipal area is is estimated at approximately 65, 000 of which an estimated 25, 000 people reside in Port Alfred. Due to a significant housing backlog in the area, a major housing development, known as Thornhill integrated housing project, was recently initiated with its associated need for bulk services, including the collection and treatment of wastewater.

The NLM is the designated Water Services Authority (WSA) for its own area of jurisdiction, which means that it is responsible for the planning, implementation, operation and maintenance of all water-related infrastructure within the demarcated municipal area.

The old Port Alfred Wastewater Treatment Works (WWTW) is located approximately 3.6 km northwest of the Kowie River mouth and the eastern embankment of the same river. The site of the WWTW is located at co-ordinates 333447.5S & 265219.5E.

The old WWTW currently receives and treats all of the wastewater generated by the town and its environs, including domestic wastewater transported to the plant by tanker. The existing works comprises a series of oxidation ponds and has a rated design capacity of 1.80 Ml/d.

Due to the provision of waterborne sanitation to various households and the planned future extension of the system to accommodate housing developments such as Thornhill, the WWTW is already loaded beyond its capacity and in urgent need of upgrading. Due to this overload, the effluent discharge into the Kowie River and downstream estuary is very poor and necessitated the Municipality to intervene by commissioning this project.

As a result of this initiative, tenders were invited for the supply and the installation of mechanical and electrical equipment associated with the extension of the Port Alfred WWTW as well as the operational monitoring and maintenance of the plant for a period of 24 months after commissioning. The scope of Works included the supply, delivery, installation and commissioning of mechanical equipment, and associated electrical and electronic works including a SCADA System, for the new inlet works, activated sludge reactor, secondary clarifier, RAS WAS pump stations, chlorine contact basin, chlorine dosing and Motor Control Centre (MCC), and all flow control and measurement instrumentation.

Construction of all civil works structures, building works construction of all appurtenant pipelines, channels and flow control chambers was under a separate contract.

The principal electrical contractor responsible for the supply of the MCC and installation was Service Electrical from Port Elizabeth.

CMW Automation was responsible for the supply of the complete automation system which included PLC, required I/O modules, Remote I/O modules as well as the InduSoft SCADA system located in the MCC room which consists of the SCADA server as well as a secure client which is located in the control room.