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Project - Livingstone A&E KNX Installation

In 2010, CMW was involved in the installation and programming of the building management system at the new Accident and Emergency unit at Livingstone Hospital in Port Elizabeth. The installation focused on lighting control - lights are activated by motion sensors installed throughout the building, and deactivated after a certain period of time has elapsed wherein no motion was detected.

In total, 580 KNX Devices were installed. These include Power Supplies, DALI gateways, Presence Detectors, 1/2/4 fold switch sensors, MT701.2 Display and Control Panels, Switch Actuators, Outdoor Twilight sensors. The total number of ballasts (lights) controlled is 2675.

The installation also includes touch-screens, which allow certain areas to be controlled at Nursing Stations throughout the building.

The installation covers the entire building - the underground service tunnels, the basement parking area, mortuary, outside street-lights, hospital corridors and rooms, plant rooms, and roof areas.