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Project - Loerie Water Treatment Works - Filtration Plant

History -

The Loerie Water Treatment Works was constructed in 1967. The plant has a design capacity of 100Ml/day.   The plant operates 12 rapid gravity sand filters grouped six on each side of a gallery building. The filtration plant mechanical equipment was orinally designed by Paterson Candy International Ltd. Each filter has a surface filtration area of 81 sqm.

No subsequent modification of the filtration plant or even any media replacement have been carried out since the plant was initially commissioned.

The filter system was pneumatically operated via manual swtiches and solenoid operated pilot valves from filter control consoles situated in the upper filter gallery, (one console for each filter). The air blower and wash water pump are started and stopped from the same consoles via pushbuttons. The control system was outdated and aged to the extent that maintenance is no longer practical.

The whole control system has been replaced by two PLC's, actuators have been replaced by electricly operated devices communicated to on Profibus DP.