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Industrial Ethernet Switches

CMW Automation is proud to anounce the avaliability of the N-TRON range of high performance hardened industrial ethernet switches.

N-TRON  announces its 9000 Series Gigabit Ethernet Industrial Switch!

Capable of data transfer rates of 2 Gb/s, the 9000 Series Gigabit Ethernet Industrial Switch is fast. This hardened four slot modular switch allows you to mix and match fiber and copper port modules to fit your speed and needs. With fully managed features like Auto Configuring IGMP, Web Browser Interface, SNMP, Rapid Spanning Tree and more, the 9000 Series is designed to transfer data faster, thus providing customers the ultimate goal of increased flexibility and productivity.

N-TRON manufactures a family of industrial hardened Level II Ethernet Switches designed specifically for use by industrial, marine, utility, and military users requiring high reliability, high performance, and exceptional noise immunity in a hardened enclosure.

N-TRON Switches use Store-and-Forward Architecture and are designed to operate in applications needing extended temperatures (ranging from -40 to 85C), high shock and vibration specifications, elevated RFI/EMI environments, and are UL Listed and TUV Certified and can be used in Class I, Division 2 Hazardous areas. These products feature wide ranging (10 to 30 VDC) redundant power supply inputs, and can be DIN-Rail, panel, or rack mounted. N-TRON products are offered with both IEEE 802.3 10/100BaseTX twisted pair copper and 100BaseFX fiber optic ports.

N-TRONs multimode fiber models are capable of driving in excess of 2km of multimode fiber optic cable. The FXE models are capable of driving extended distances ranging from 15 to 80km of singlemode fiber optic cable.

N-TRONs N-ViewTM OPC Server Software can be used with the N-TRON 200, 300, 400, 500, and 900 Series Switches with the N-View firmware option. N-View OPC allows switch and port status information for all N-View capable switches, to be displayed using popular OPC client HMI Software Packages. N-View is currently available for the Windows NT, XP, 2000, and 2003 Server operating systems.