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When it comes to application solutions, instead of multiple vendors, you have one supplier to deal with, you’re also assured of complete customization and rapid implementation by CMW Automation’s suite of services, one of the most extensive in the industry. Developed to offer you a total, application specific automation package, not just products. These support services include but are not limited to:

Application analysis

  • On-site evaluation of your application by a CMW Automation Application specialist who will help establish system performance objectives and proposes potential solutions.

Functional Specification

  • Development of a “road map” document using the latest methodologies to ensure everyone involved is working to achieve the same operation and performance goals.

Project Management

  • Assignment of a “single-point-of-contact” CMW Automation project manager, responsible for your entire system.

Systems design

  • Custom, top-down design of the system from the user interface, database design, control system selection, power and control circuit design.

Application software

  • Design, development, debugging and testing of PLC, Custom and SCADA application software to meet the predetermined performance criteria.

System Documentation

  • Design and drafting of “as built” electrical schematics with complete hardware and software documentation.

Panel fabrication

  • Shipment of fully assembled components mounted and wired to terminal strips in specified enclosures to meet all applicable industry standards.

Systems testing

  • Pre-shipment stress testing, factory simulation and customer witness testing to ensure the system meets all functional specifications and customer expectations if required.

Field Services

  • Start-up and post start up service performed by experienced CMW Automation engineers.

Automation Hardware

CMW Automation can offer the following Automation Hardware from numerous suppliers at very competitive prices:

  • Programmable Logic Controllers
  • Motor Control Switchgear and Standard products
  • Motor Control centres and Instrument Panels
  • Wiring and Cabling
  • Bar coding Systems
  • Human Machine Interface Devices
  • Instrumentation
  • Radio Frequency Identification Systems
  • Variable Speed Drives / Soft Starters
  • Motion Control Hardware
  • Encoders
  • PLC / PC Networking Hardware
  • Telemetry Equipment
  • Industrial Networking Hardware
  • Office Automation Hardware
  • Industrial LCD Monitors, Rugged CRT Displays, Industrial Panel PC Computers, and NEMA / IP rated Workstations built for Extreme Environments

Systems Training

Comprehensive, application-specific operation and maintenance training conducted by CMW Automation technicians and engineers, provided concurrently with system planning and implementation to ensure the installation is operational from the outset.

Automation Software

CMW can offer Industrial Automation and Management Information System Solutions as well as any Microsoft product for integration into your automation System.

These products range from CAD, SCADA, PLC Programming Software to customised Desktop / Server Solutions.